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Concrete Staining Services for Cincinnati OH

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At Cincinnati Concrete Polishing Inc., we offer concrete stain application services for commercial and industrial clients. We can offer this concrete staining service after floors have been grinded and polished to create an attractive looking finish for your flooring. We offer concrete stains in a variety of different finishes that we can utilize to create your desired look.

Stained concrete floors are becoming very popular in Cincinnati commercial and industrial projects because this flooring solution has many benefits and advantages. The cost savings to the low maintenance and high durability, stained concrete flooring is the ideal choice for any construction or restoration project.

Cincinnati Stained concrete floors have many decorative applications that can increase the overall look and feel of your flooring.

Best Places for Stained Concrete Floors

  • Warehouse Flooring
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Factory Flooring
  • Retail Centers, and Malls
  • School and Universities
  • Car Dealerships
  • Commercial Building
  • Restaurants

Benefits of Concrete Staining

Cost Effectiveness: Concrete staining application is extremely affordable for any flooring project especially for large areas including industrial centers or commercial building.

Low Maintenance: Concrete stains create a very smooth surface that make this flooring solution simple to clean. Occasional cleaning with a mop is all that is needed with concrete stained floors.

Beautiful Finish: Concrete stain floors can transforms dull looking concrete into visually appealing lavish floors.

High Durability Flooring: Concrete stained floors will not fade in color, chip or peel making this flooring solution ideal for large facilities.

Concrete stain is a beautiful, long term solution as a hard wearing flooring surface in industrial and commercial applications. This flooring is very durable and can turn any bare concrete flooring into an attractive, low maintenance surface.