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There are an overwhelming number of functional and decorative concrete applications to help you with all your Commercial & Industrial needs such as polishing, grinding, acid staining, overlays, stamping, epoxy coatings, sealers, the list goes on and on. Here at Cincinnati Concrete Polishing we mainly focus on one thing; Concrete Polishing and the flooring maintenance dollars you can save.

They didn’t have this technology 15 years ago and at Cincinnati Concrete Polishing we’re more than happy to come out and give you a free estimate, and an analysis of your concrete flooring project needs. Our company also repair bad polishing jobs and staining projects gone awry, get your free estimate today.

Concrete Polishing: Sheen Level & Finish

  • Matte Finish: Grind & Polish to a 100 grit
  • Low Sheen: Grind & Polish to a 400 grit
  • High Sheen: Grind & Polish to a 800 grit
  • Glossy Shine: Grind & Polish to a 3000 grit

The Benefits of Polished Concrete

More Stain-Resistant

By densifying and sealing your concrete floors, the surface is less porous and strengthened by this process. A polished concrete floor can repel oils, water and other chemicals.

Better Ambient Light

The reflection that a concrete polished floor can produce can result in better ambient lighting in your facilities allowing you to spend less money on the energy bill.

Improved Slip Resistant Floors

A mechanically polished concrete can produce a better level and friction floor. The polished concrete floor surpasses the OSHA standards for floors.

LEEDS Friendly

Polished concrete eliminates additional coating materials that make it a more sustainable solution.

Mechanical Polish will improve the condition of Aged or Old Floors

When using a grinder to polish your concrete, this process will remove the top surface of an old floor allowing the floor to strengthen.

Reduced Tire Wear

A polished concrete floor will removed the uneven joints and make the floor more smooth so you will have less tire wear on your vehicles.

No Production Shutdown

With a Mechanical dry concrete polish we can have your facility back up and running in no time.

Less Floor Maintenance

Our concrete polished floors eliminates any aggressive scrubbing that is normally required with tile or linoleum flooring.

Polished Concrete is Low Maintenance and High Durability

For many years carpet, vinyl, ceramic and hardwood flooring have been the most popular choices for office spaces. Now, with polished concrete as an option, you will have a beautiful, easy to maintain floor that can match the decor in any room of your office. Some say this all stems from Terrazzo Restoration and the incredibly durable and hard surface from polishing Portland cement and marble chips for a flooring solution.

Now you see these shiny concrete floors in large retail, grocery and commercial settings where low maintenance, durability and ease of cleaning are a priority. There are many options available from Cincinnati Concrete Polishing for your concrete floors, and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful your concrete floors become.