Cincinnati Concrete Polishing polished 40,000sq ft of new manufacturing area, 300sq ft old stockroom and 400sq ft old breakroom for my company. Cincinnati Concrete Polishing also colored walkways, caution areas and logos in the manufacturing areas. I was really impressed with the product and service Cincinnati Concrete Polishing provided, so I hire them to polish my two car tandem garage floor. I am extremely satisfied with my garage floor and it makes the area look brighter from the reflection. The polished concrete is extremely easy to clean, wither wipe up any spills with no soaking into concrete or sweep up any debris. I have been parking two vehicles in the garage for 8 months and no tire marks that you may notice with epoxy coatings. I recommend Cincinnati Concrete Polishing for any business of Manufacturing/Retail/Restaurant or residential basement/garage that is looking to change the look and feel of their concrete flooring.
Brent Cornic, Cincinnati OH
Business Owner
Cincinnati Concrete Polishing was selected to refinish the floor at the Christian Moerlein Taproom. I was very pleased with both the quality of the workers and the final results of the finished floor. The floor looks great and is easy to take care of.
Bret Androski, Cincinnati OH
Christian Moerlein