Diamatic BMG 735 PRO

An excellent machine for grinding and concrete polishing. It's also great for natural stone surfaces such as concrete, granite, marble or terrazzo, the BMG-735PRO operates virtually dust free when connected to the properdust collector and has the option to be used wet or dry to accommodate most every abrasive polishing technique. The BMG 735 PRO is a great surface prep machine for somebody looking to install new flooring.

Rental Rate: Day: $500 - Week: $2100 - Month: $6000
Voltage : 480V
Grinding Width : 28 in. (711mm)
Tool Diameter : 9 in. (240mm)
Tooling Speed : 350-1100 RPM
Motor Speed : 580-1750 RPM
Ruwac DS 2520

Offering high performance in a compact size, Ruwac's DS2520 is powerful enough for a central vacuum system but with the complete portability and functionality made for everyday use. This Powerhouse Series vacuum features 48 sq. ft. of our industry-leading MicroClean filter (with the option to upgrade to HEPA or ULPA filtration) alongside a 24 gallon drop-down dustpan.

Rental Rate: Day: $175 - Week: $650 - Month: $1750
Voltage : 480V
Duty Cycle : Continuous
Collection Capacity : 24 Gallon
Volume Rating (CFM) : 370 CFM
Vacuum Ratings : 7.2 Hg
HTC 500 *Perfect for Homeowners!

HTC 500 is an excellent choice if you are looking for an effective concrete polisher with a very high capacity for its size but it is also a powerful multi machine. The HTC 500 is a three-phase frequency controlled machine with infinitely variable speed, providing increased capacity. The motor is extra tolerant to voltage drop which allows it to run more smoothly. The HTC 500 is a great surface prep machine for somebody looking to install new flooring.

Rental Rate: Call for pricing
Voltage : 230V
Grinding Width : 19.7 inch
Grinding discs : 3 x 9.1 inch
Grinding pressure : 220 - 287 lbs
Power consumption : 16 Amp

If you are interested in renting our concrete polishing equipment, please contact us by using the form below or by phone at (513) 667-3543. Our business hours are from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday – Friday.

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