Maintenance for Polished Concrete Floors

Maintenance for polished concrete floors can be done by the janitorial contractor, maintenance crew or even the contractor that polished the floor in the first place, but it needs to be done.
The proper maintenance program is really quite simple.

1.) A daily or bi-daily schedule of sweeping and/or dust mopping of the floor.

2.) Weekly cleaning and vacuuming of the floor mats which should be at every entrance to the polished floor, this is especially critical in the home and restaurants as sandy types of dirt’s, oils and
materials from the outside are your biggest enemy for a polished concrete floor.

3.) A daily or weekly schedule of cleaning the floor with a soap that has a PH of 8 or less, and hot water. This would be done with a ride on or walk behind auto scrubber for a large facility or just a mop rung out very well in a smaller area such as a home, restaurant or retail store.

4.) The last part of the program is to use a high quality polish guard that should be applied with a micro mop, and burnished with a high speed burnishing machine. What this does is protects you surface from spills and color fading. It also makes the floor easier to clean which cuts down on your long term costs for the floor.

If you follow these care instructions and have your floor maintenance done on a regular base your floor will keep its beauty for years to come. If you ignore these care instructions your floor will show its lack of maintenance very quickly! Your polished concrete floor is a great investment to facility or home so care for it properly.