Commercial and Residential Concrete Polishing

For many years carpet, vinyl, ceramic and hardwood flooring have been the most popular choices for office spaces. Now, with polished concrete as an option, you will have a beautiful, easy to maintain floor that can match the decor in any room of your office. There are many options available from Cincinnati Concrete Polishing for your concrete floors, and you’ll be amazed at how beautiful your concrete floors become.

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Concrete Staining

At Cincinnati Concrete Polishing Inc., we offer concrete stain application services for commercial and industrial clients. We can offer this concrete staining service after floors have been grinded and polished to create an attractive looking finish for your flooring. We offer concrete stains in a variety of different finishes that we can utilize to create your desired look.

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Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Flooring Systems are durable, attractive and very easy to maintain. Epoxy flooring from Cincinnati Concrete Polishing Company is very durable, it can be installed in the most rough environments to help protect your businesses floors from extreme wear, chemical spills, moisture and other various accidents.

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